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The Engine from Little Big Moose is a code-free Insurance pricing engine capable of defining and calculating premiums from a simple single cover to complex multi-risk, multi-level pricing using fully historic rate data.

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Our aim is to enable companies, large and small, to control their own functionality and interface with their partners.

Whether you are a distributor (Bank, Utility, Car Manufacturer, MGA, delegated authority agent or Broker) looking to offer insurance through your own app (on a carriers ticket) or a carrier offering embedded products, The Engine can deliver your pricing.

The Engine enables carriers the ability to design and maintain the rates under permission controlled authority on either their own or the partners hosted version of the engine.

What does The Engine offer?

  • Define your Rating definition via an intuitive, reverse-engineered UX interface offering big picture or focussed working.
  • Populate your fully historic rate data via UX or excel function.
  • Test and debug your definitions using the detailed rate calculation breakdown function that details each and every step in the calculation process.
  • Offering segregated access for both users and companies, The Engine will enable you to host multiple companies whilst ensuring secure user access on a permissions basis.
  • The engine can support any number of environment tiers with a fully audited import and export change management capability.
  • Integration is via a simple API call with a JSON parameter.

Ownership models

IPR Purchase

The IPR of this product is available for an exclusive purchase.  This means you and only you will have access and use of the software

This option will be available for a limited time only before the product is made available as a code drop.















Interested in IPR purchase?

Code Drop

This option will allow you to take a complete code drop of the product and use it under a licence for a one-off purchase fee.  You may then simply use it as is, extend or modify the product to serve your own purpose.  The licence denotes the type of use for which The Engine may be employed i.e. own use, offer as a service etc.


There is no enforced support fee or annual subscription.

Consultancy is available on both the technical and rate design skillsets


Price for insurance entity use ¹

  • single company – £  50,000 (+VAT if applicable)
  • up to three companies – £ 100,000 (+VAT if applicable)
  • enterprise licence – £ 150,000 (+VAT if applicable)


¹ explanation

An MGA hosting the rate definitions for multiple carriers for their own rating purposes counts as one company,   an insurance company hosting rate definitions of multiple products for a range of MGAs counts as one company,   three carriers within a group all hosting rate definitions of multiple products for a range of MGAs counts as three companies


SAS (Software as  a Service) use to third parties

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Before you part with any of your hard-earned cash (or ill gotten gains) you can have a play in our sandbox. This will give you a short term access to our demonstration system hosted in AWS where we will set up your company and your profile.

This will restrict visibility of what you do and create definitions to your profile only and not any of the other kids in the sandbox. You can then view the training material, create your API parms (or use one of our sample ones), upload them, design rating definition, create rate data and test it. We will be available to answer questions and clarify points via email or via a call (teams, join.me) subject to availability. All we will require is a signed NDA in advance to protect our IPR. There is no commitment to purchase but we obviously hope you do.

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Technical info

The platform is developed using MariaDB, Java11, React.js and SpringBoot.

Our Demo system is hosted on AWS but The Engine may be deployed on servers of your choice.

About us

The team behind The Engine have a long track record in developing leading edge policy and claims administration systems for the insurance industry.

Little Big Moose is a trading name of Moose-beast Software Ltd